RLEF supports research that build our knowledge of the lakes we all share.

Call for Proposals for Small Grants for Scientific Research on and around the Rideau Lakes – 2021.

If you have a project that you think we might be interested in, please contact us.

  • RLEF announces 2022 Grant Program

    Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF) Call for Proposals. Small Grants for Scientific Research on and around the Rideau Lakes To develop our understanding of the science that underpins our environmental activities, the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF) sponsors a new program of small grants to support research projects.  We are interested in receiving proposals from

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  • Water Quality Research Update at BRLA AGM

    Dr. John Smol provided an update to the BRLA AGM on the progess and preliminary conclusions from his research on the lake environment funded partially by RLEF. Smol’s group is analyzing the composition of core samples taken from the lake beds of Big Rideau Lake, Upper Rideau Lake, and other lakes in the area. The

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  • Work Underway: RLEF Small Grants

    This summer, RLEF is funding three research projects to build our understanding of the Rideau Lakes environment. Research is being conducted by groups at CarletonUniversity in Ottawa, and Queen’s University in Kingston, strengthening links between local institutions and our local environment. At Carleton, Dr. Steven Cooke is leading an examination of the Broader Biodiversity Benefits

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